Many of you will wonder what is SAD means. I think System Analysis and Design is a great thing we as humans achieved. As I’m in the field of Information Technology, obviously i’m talking about information systems.


When I started some blogs in early days, I spent many hours of time in front of computer screen (which is a CRT monitor at that time) writing many things and changing settings and waiting to load post screens. As I look at this after two or three years without touching anything of this kind, I’m really impressed. But not too impressed. As we have a great systematic approaches to many things, I feel like things can be more futuristic. Of course I’m here to talk about SAD, am I not? But my mind is running many rounds around the basic idea. It is my greatest weakness I think..!!

Okay, lets get into SAD. First, we need to know about many definitions. The information systems, stake holders, analysts, models, approaches etc. Because I also learning those things currently, I thought I will update on this subject as I’m getting familiarize with this subject. So, thank you for reading this awful waste of time post. But I promise you, future posts will be better.

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