Personal update

Well for past few months, I felt the life pretty hard. I got new experiences that I only hear about. I had to do some sacrifices and had to be more patient. Also, I learned a lot about my self too.

Well, my father got an open heart surgery for do a bypass. I’m sure there’s a more fancy word to describe it. But I can’t remember it. The thing is my father is long time diabetes patient. But his cholesterol levels are not bad. I thought that’s good. But it turns out diabetes is really bad and it affects almost anything in your body. So there it was.

First we tried to use government hospital to do the surgery. Failing to that, we had to rush the surgery in private paid hospital. The first thing that came to my mind was, hove on earth we are going to afford it. Many of earned money spent on numerous tests. And others for transportation etc. So, I told my parents to just wait. But they are more mature and experienced than me. Also they are really hardworking couple. So, they eventually talked with our relatives and family friends about the situation. After that I realised, we are as humans are group animals. Our streight is our desire to help each other and be more social. So, we got the funds (mostly loans though) and I’m in a hospital room with my parents in the night floor waiting for my father’s heart surgery.

Well I have a job. It requires my presence on the week days and occasionally weekends too. But, my mother and father needed me to do some work inside the hospital. To balance it, once again our relatives came to help us. In that moment I realised I have to go outside and do more. I have to be with my relatives. I have to dedicate some of my time to them. Because I really never did such things before. I’m a selfish person in that regard. So, the surgery is over and he is recovering.

Relatives getting involved is a complicated thing. They all have different agendas. As I have mine too. Also, they are different people bound social boundaries and social dilemmas. And cultural things. So, this is like a project which is like a Linux kernel project. There are egos and emotions and passions. I had the opportunity to feel most of them. Sometimes it is really hard to work with them. But I’m glad I did. Because I think I needed that in my life to become more mature person overall.

So, this brings me to my personal milestone in this life. Now I have to be more serious about my life. I have to think about not only my future, but I have to think about someone else’s future too. Finally it is becoming more and more real. So, she informed about me formally. Now I have to go through more and more social situations which I think I will enjoy on different levels. But I want to do it. Even though I want simple and straight forward life with her, I have to respect the bonds I’m going to have in the future. I have to be cool about it too. So, am I ready? Let’s find out..

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