Personal update

Well for past few months, I felt the life pretty hard. I got new experiences that I only hear about. I had to do some sacrifices and had to be more patient. Also, I learned a lot about my self too.

Well, my father got an open heart surgery for do a bypass. I’m sure there’s a more fancy word to describe it. But I can’t remember it. The thing is my father is long time diabetes patient. But his cholesterol levels are not bad. I thought that’s good. But it turns out diabetes is really bad and it affects almost anything in your body. So there it was.

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The election

Well, the election is starting. I guess I’m all the way around the world. But, the heat is so high this time. 

I didn’t follow it much. Actually my opinions in this regard may become bias. Because, I only followed U. S. presidential campaign on yahoo news digest. It is a summarised news app. Every day I get two digests in the morning and evening.

The thing is this time I don’t like Hillary or Donald Trump. In my opinion, they both are not good enough for us.Us means us non Americans. I don’t know wether they are any good for people in America.

Yes I recognise that America is a capitalist nation. But in my opinion, both candidates are actually rejected people. They are not valid people with new things. We know exactly they are not good enough.

So, where we stand? I think America (not American people) need new faces.. I think this time, capitalists are playing it safe. It is not good for the country. What they need is to jump start the engine that slowed down to halt. I believe bringing old rejects are not the way to do it.

I don’t care what prople think about me when I say this.. I like America.

Sure it is a bad shit crazy country. Did very bad things and continue to do those things. But, they managed to bring intellectual people in to the country and developed the world in some areas. Sure Russia was way ahead in technology back in the day. But they didn’t spread it.maybe it is a good thing. But we all know we love technology. Technology is the way to go.

All in all I don’t like the main two candidates who race to become the next president next year. But what I can do?

Let’s hope Hillary will look at the mess they created and change the policy to “if we all wins, we win too” to make this world a better place.

–wrote this on the way to office.